7/7 Gaveling in Another Week

Congress Back in Action Today


The House and Senate are back at it today after the holiday break. The House is expected to work on the appropriations bill for the Department of the Interior today and Department of Agriculture tomorrow. The Senate begins debate on the Every Child Achieves Act this afternoon. Follow the link for an interesting op-ed from the head of the National Education Association on what this legislation would do.

Meanwhile, we may also see debate pick up this week on the Export Import bank. Big government agencies or departments don’t get shuttered often but that’s exactly what happened without Congress authorizing funding of the Ex-Im bank last week. While most of the pundits I read don’t expect the bank to go away permanently, there is a significant group, headed by the Chairman of the House Finance Committee, that would like it to.authority

There’s an interesting video on the issue here. By the way, the C-Span site allows users to embed videos including this one on their own site but I couldn’t figure out how to do it in the short time I have this morning so Web gurus willing to work for free to help Find America…drop me a line!

Coming up in district profiles this week, – a new, more concise format. To those of you that have enjoyed my 2 K-word ramblings. Thank you. There is still a book out there in the future, I hope, where your desire to be lulled into torpor by my musings will be met.  However, my Finding America by myself isn’t going to help us reforge the connection between citizens and the people in Congress representing us. That has to happen by getting the word out.

1. The United States faces bigger challenges than perhaps at any point in our history

2. In order to meet those challenges, Congress will have to act

3. But Congress is broken and in order to act will have to behave differently

4. The only way this will happen is if the U.S. voters demand it

Shorter profiles and guest bloggers mean I can try to spend a greater portion of the day connecting this mission with more people. Facebook likes are nice, I guess. But what I really want is you to pass the link  – you can copy it right here – https://projecttofindamerica.wordpress.com on to 5 more people this week. Pretty please?

Back to the districts. This week we will visit the Nevada-4th on the Parks & Nature Trail. the Missouri-7th in Commerce & Industry and the Massachusetts-3rd on the History Trail. Stay tuned






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