We’re Hiring!

Currently interviewing for 435 positions in the House of Representatives. You will represent your congressional district by helping to put in place legislation that will aim at improving the lives of each of your 710,000 constituents.

  • Must possess good collaboration skills, be able to reach consensus and take action
  • Must come prepared with specific and measurable ideas on how you will represent all the people in your district including a strategy for working with colleagues with different ideas about how to help them
  • A track record of learning from past experience, assimilating new information and changing a previous position considered a plus
  • Ideologues strongly discouraged; must be able to look past political parties to weigh the merits on both sides of each issue before you
  • Experience helpful but not necessary. We will train the right individual
  • Finger pointers and whiners need not apply. Evidence of engaging in obstructionist politics will be considered a serious liability

Interviews will be conducted over the next 16 months for a two-year appointment starting in January 2021. The hiring committee is quite large and will make its decision based on observable demonstration of the competencies listed above.

To join the hiring committee please see findamerica.org and follow this blog!

One thought on “We’re Hiring!

  1. Bill: I’m Rory’s friend Jim Gallagher. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your writing and thoughts. We too have travelled a lot of America’s (and Canada’s) back roads and have come to appreciate the goodness and strength of the American people. Few people support the politics of mutual destruction going on in DC now. How we put an end to it is the truly great question facing America today.

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