The First Weekend

The Low Mileage Tour will begin Friday, where the idea for Bill & Sue’s Excellent Adventure was born five years before it happened…Luther Williams Field in Macon, GA.

In 1991 we had arrived in Macon on a Thursday afternoon after an exhausting whirlwind tour of the Texas and Southern Leagues that saw us go from Midland, TX, far on the western plains of the state, as far east as Chattanooga, TN then back out to San Antonio before finally turning east again.

However, the stop in Macon started a stretch of much shorter drives. From Macon it was on to another historic stop in the South Atlantic League, Grayson Stadium in Savannah and then south to Wolfson Park, which for almost 50 years was home to baseball in Jacksonville until it was replaced by the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville in the 2003 season. From there it was on to the big empty spring training ballparks used in the Florida State League.

This Memorial Day weekend we’ll start with Macon on Friday, Savannah on Saturday and Jacksonville on Sunday then pick up the actual Excellent Adventure tour schedule in West Palm Beach on Memorial Day.

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