LMT Stop #2: Savannah, GA

Excellent Adventure Day # 38

Cardinals Don’t Swim

Mid May in Middle Georgia is usually already high summer and 1991 was no exception so it was hot and humid with thundershowers as we drove from Macon over to Savannah along Interstate-16. When we got to Grayson Stadium it looked like a perfect night for baseball but when we walked into the office the team told us that night’s game against the Columbia Mets had been postponed and when we walked into the stadium we could see why. It was blue sky above but the outfield was under water. You’ll hear more about it in the video.

The Trip

The Video

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…”Give me Just a Little More Time

There aren’t many things to regret about our magical 1991 season but I do wish we had a chance to see more of each town we visited. Quite often the only glimpse of the surrounding area was from our seats. I hope to go back some day and once tourist sites are safely reopened here are a few sites I’d check out if I had a whole day or better yet a week!

Until We Meet Again

Who knows how long it will be until we can collectively be taken out to the ballgame again but in the meantime here are a few links in this community where you can do some good, find some important content and help us all get to the other side of this difficult season.

In the On Deck Circle: The Jacksonville Suns

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