LMT Stop #6: West Palm Beach, FL

Excellent Adventure Day # 47

Vive WPB Municipal Stadium

A lot has changed in the world of baseball since 1991 but few stops we made on “Bill & Sue’s Excellent Adventure were as wildly different then as they are today. The Montreal Expos, of course, ceased to exist after the 2004 season but even before that the West Palm Beach Expos relocated to nearby Jupiter Florida and became the Jupiter Hammerheads in 1998 …and West Palm Municipal Stadium was torn down in 2002 and is, today, the site of a Home Depot store.

It was a vibrant place 29 years ago this week, though, when Sue and I arrived to find a great crowd on a Saturday night and were entertained by one of our favorite mascots of the season….Willy P Bananas.

The Trip

The Video

There were only a few hundred fans at this Sunday matinee so it is hard to compete with the packed house in Jacksonville I showed you this weekend but it is a nice look at Thomas J. White Stadium which is still in use by the Mets although it is now going by the name Clover Field.

In the On Deck Circle: The Winter Haven Red Sox

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