LMT Stop #31: Greensboro, NC

Excellent Adventure Day # 71

Dizzying Heights

For one night I was more famous than a future Hall of Famer. Today’s episode of the Low Mileage Tour looks back at how that happened. Greensboro’s World War Memorial Stadium came on the 71st day of the Excellent Adventure and was ballpark #77.

The Trip

The Video

Baseball Today

The Greensboro Hornets became the Greensboro Bats after the basketball team of the same name began to play in the state and then changed again to Greensboro Grasshoppers in 2005 when the team moved into a brand new stadium, First National Bank Field, a mile down the road. The ‘Hoppers still draw great crowds and have cool merchandise.

You can still see a game at War Memorial Stadium, though. North Carolina Central University uses the park as its home field.

On Deck

Tomorrow on the Low Mileage Tour I’m planning two stops. The first will be the visit we had with the hottest new nickname in Minor League Baseball in 1991, the Carolina Mudcats. Then, later in the evening we’ll have a short but interesting look at our first of several stops at Atlanta’s Fulton County Stadium and the Atlanta Braves.

Here’s wishing you a reflective and peaceful Juneteenth.

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