LMT Stop #45: Canton, OH

Excellent Adventure Day # 83

Old Before its Time

Thurman Munson Memorial Stadium in Canton, OH

We arrived at Thurman Munson Stadium just south of Canton, Ohio on a blazing hot Sunday at the end of June.

There frankly, wasn’t a ton to recommend Thurman Munson Memorial Stadium except the legend of the man who it was named for and there wasn’t much evidence of him in sight..

It could be that, it could be that we were tired and looking forward to seeing our families after three months on the road or it was probably a bit of both but something happened that day that hardly ever happened on our Excellent Adventure, we were ready to go long before a 15-3 game finally ended.

The Trip

The Video

This video includes a look at Thurman Munson Stadium in Akron but also a brief look at Akron’s Canal Park, a vast improvement, which I saw on the 2003 Extra Innings Tour.

On Deck

July begins tomorrow the same way it did for us in 1991, with a trip down to Columbus, Ohio to see the Columbus Clippers play. Enjoy the evening!

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