LMT Stop #47: Pawtucket, RI

Excellent Adventure Day # 90

Then, Now and What Now?

McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket 7/7/91

As was true of our stop in Pittsfield, MA the previous night, we were visiting with friends while we were near our homes in the Northeast and thus didn’t shoot as much video as we might have of stop #99 on “Bill & Sue’s Excellent Adventure.”

However, I shot quite a bit more when I returned to McCoy Stadium 12 years and three days later and since it provides a nice summary of how much had changed at the park in that time, I’ve included footage from both tours in tonight’s look at the Pawtucket Red Sox.

The Trip

The Video

On Deck

July 8, 1991 brought us to a ballpark that is no more in Colonie, NY – the home of the Albany-Colonie Yankees was magical stop #100 on the Excellent Adventure.

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