LMT Stops #49 & 50: Geneva & Auburn, NY

Excellent Adventure Day # 93

It Takes a Village

McDonough Park in Geneva 7 10 91

I’ve already written and said a lot about the unfortunate plan of Major League Baseball to contract the number of affiliated teams by 42 in advance of next year. But tonight’s video offers at least a fleeting glimpse of a different possible model.

Wednesday July 10, 1991 was another one of our Double Days where we saw two parks in the same day and some questionable planning on my part meant we almost missed the game in the second stop. We went to Geneva first and then drove about 30 miles to Auburn where we didn’t arrive until the 8th inning.

I’ve added some video from my return trip to Auburn in 2003, though and that return visit is very much a part of tonight’s story.

The Trip

The Video

This video includes footage from both the Excellent Adventure in 1991 and the 2003 Extra Innings Tour. Special thanks to my friend Tim Ashe for manning the camera the second time around.

On Deck

Tomorrow on the Low Mileage Tour we will get back on schedule with our stop from July 12, 1991, venerable Labatt Park in London, Ontario. If there is time, I’ll also add a video from Utica, NY – otherwise we’ll catch up with the Blue Sox of 1991 later.

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