A New Approach on the LMT

Less is More

There are some changes coming to the Low Mileage Tour starting today. No, I’m not stopping, there is a story to tell here and I plan to keep telling it for as long as I can this summer and fall.

However, the analytics I get from YouTube make it seem pretty clear that my video output has outpaced the ability of even my most loyal subscribers to consume Low Mileage Tour videos.

I get it. It is summer time and if you are reading this post on the Low Mileage Tour site it is likely you are either a friend or a member of my family. I suspect a Venn Diagram intersection between people in this population and people who are huge fans of historic minor league ballparks is pretty small.

It’s also become clear that I am spending so much time producing these videos I have very little left to build a larger audience or do things like the Low Mileage Tour podcast, which I had been enjoying doing and produced some interesting content.

So, beginning this week I will be producing one Low Mileage Tour video per week and debuting it on Friday afternoon when it can be paired with your favorite libation of choice. Saturdays will be the launch day for a new podcast episode each week and every day starting tomorrow, there will be a very brief blog post here with a little about where we were that day and the game we saw.

Have a good Monday evening and…if you are itching for some Low Mileage Tour video…there are 54 of them right here!

4 thoughts on “A New Approach on the LMT

  1. I’ll keep watching but will miss the frequent posts. Oh well, the thrill will last longer! Thank you for your effort!

    Jim G

    • Thanks for saying so Jim, it’s a little hard to tell if anyone is watching sometimes. I’m hopeful I can make up in quality what I’m taking away in quantity. Thanks for watching!

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