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Luther Williams Field: Where the Excellent Adventure Began

This is going to be the last post for two weeks.

I’ve got a virtual conference next week to emcee. If you are interested in what I’ve been doing for my day job for the last 15 years, check it out.

After that the Craibs are taking a much-needed camping vacation here in Vermont, it will look a lot like this..

Photo Credit: Alistair Craib on the 2019 version of this trip

Ballpark History

The map above is a look at the communities that used to have affiliated professional baseball in 1991 and no longer do today. We will return with a renewed focus on getting the story of the ballparks of Minor League baseball told, not just with what we happened to capture on video in 1991, but also what we didn’t and to that end I’m going to be asking for your help.

There will be a new schedule of virtual visits promoted in advance when we start again in two weeks and my hope is that everyone who has a recollection of a ballpark will share their memories both on the YouTube channel and here on this Web site.

I think the great baseball writer Thomas Boswell once wrote there is no more seductive phrase in the English language than “Tell me your Story,” I hope he is right and that you will. If so, the “Bill & Sue” videos can be more of a conversation starter than just a snapshot of a moment in time.

The Low Mileage Tour Videos

The most recent Low Mileage Tour video is above but there are dozens more on the PFA 2020 YouTube channel, almost none of them have anything in the way of comments, if you have been to one of these parks, use the comment link below the video to share your memories.

On Deck

I have low expectations for the Major League Baseball season that begins tomorrow but that’s better, I guess, than no expectations. I hope, above all, that the players and their families stay safe but if they can do that and play some games, may they bring us some joy and excitement at a time we can surely all use it.

See you on August 5th.

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