Why this stuff mattered to me…and still does

For quite some time now it has seemed to me that the long term prognosis of the human species would depend more on the ability to conquer our social hobgoblins than on any technical puzzle that would be thrown our way. But David Leonhardt’s brief, but well-articulated, reminder of How Politics Saves Lives in this morning’s Morning Briefing in the New York Times makes a better case than I could and reminded me why I pay the $20 per year to continue to try to do something with this site. I hope you will read it. Politics is both the problem…and the answer.

More immediately, though, I continue to spend most of my time writing about my long-ago baseball adventures in In League with America. I am now about two thirds finished and hope to have the draft complete by the end of May. In case you missed it, there are brief daily updates, kind of a appendix in progress at inleaguewithamericabook.wordpress.com.

It has rained the last two days here in Vermont but we needed the moisture and I’m grateful for it. I hope that spring has found you as we turn over the calendar tomorrow and you look forward to a nice weekend.


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