435 Voices

Beginning this fall this page will be devoted to 435 Voices, a daily podcast featuring every one of the Congressional Districts in the United States.

Each episode will provide an overview of the district, what’s it like there? What do people eat, what teams do they cheer for, where do they go to have fun…all told through the voices of people who live there.

Then, the focus of the episodes will turn to the outcomes that matter in the district. The show will feature two guests in each episode meant to come from a variety of backgrounds: a local artist and business owner on one, a journalist and non profit leader on another. The guests will each share their perspective on why a particular objective is most important in their district and offer constructive approaches on how to drive success and how to measure it.

We don’t expect these perspectives to match. In other words, we expect our guests to disagree at some level on where focus should be. But they will have a conversation, listen to each other and keep an eye on the prize…progress.

Our hope is these conversations will do two things for listeners. Allow us to see that there are smart, well-intentioned people in every corner of our great nation and that they are often trying to drive the same outcomes we are.

Check back soon for the upcoming schedule of 435 Voices and then after each episode for a link to the archive and show notes.