Outcomes That Matter

Part of moving out of the place in which we are stuck as a nation is a change in our language. The word issues invites individuals and politicians to line up behind their rhetorical positions on that “issue” and have the same arguments over and over again.  Consider the term at issue..defined below by Merriam-Webster.

or less commonly in issue : under discussion or in dispute
2: in a state of controversy : in disagreement

When we talk about issues we are setting ourselves  up to disagree. There is nothing wrong with disagreement about approaches but we’re better off starting from a place of agreement.

Objectives and Outcomes are different. They are, when done well, measurable and therefore shift the conversation from being right or wrong to making progress.

If we can agree on which outcomes are most important to us then we can shift the conversation from trying to win to how to best move the needle and pressure candidates for office to be specific about how they plan to do that.

Which outcomes matter most to you right now?

This is a start at translating the issues listed at the Pew Research Center as most important this year into measurable objectives. Priorities change, though and we want your input so we will change the answers available when a new poll is launched each month.

Do you know your district?

If not – find out here. It will take less than a minute and by entering your district below we will be able to share which outcomes matter most in each Congressional District.