Low Mileage Tour Day 4: West Palm Beach

EA Park #50

Today’s podcast on the Low Mileage Tour on 435 Voices looks back at a baseball landscape that is now long gone. May 25, 1991, brought Sue Easler and I to our 50th park of that season, Municipal Stadium in West Palm Beach, Florida. The Montreal Expos stopped playing after the 2004 season and the West Palm Beach Expos moved to nearby Jupiter, Florida even before that in 1998. Four years later, Municipal Stadium was torn down and a Home Depot sits on the site today…but as you will see in the video, it was a lively place on that Saturday night. A big part of the reason for that was Rob Rabenecker, the General Manager of the Palm Beach Expos who also ran spring training operations for the parent club in Montreal. Rob is my guest on this edition of the Low Mileage Tour on the 435 Voices podcast.

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Low Mileage Tour Day 4: West Palm Beach

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