435 Voices – Georgia-13th

Nerd alert. There is a “cool” (well, at least I think so) tool at the web site FiveThirtyEight.com that allows you to play with the way congressional districts boundaries are drawn. It shows the current district map and then seven alternatives based on tilting toward your party of choice (gerrymandering), geographic compactness, a desire for close races, etc. I don’t want to ruin the surprise but only one of the alternatives actually looks like the Georgia-13th map…I’ll let you decide which.

The district is a half circle made up of Atlanta’s immediate south and west suburbs including the southern parts of Atlanta itself – nearly all of it outside the Interstate 285 perimeter; it includes parts of six different counties.

My guest on this episode is Robin Kemp, a Crime and Safety Reporter at the Clayton News Daily who covers primarily the southern part of the district. Robin’s daily work also takes her into the Georgia-5th, and she speaks to that district as well. The conversation covers life in these communities “outside the perimeter,” where there are opportunities for improvement and where signs of hope exist. Thanks to Robin for joining me!

435 Voices – Georgia-13th
435 Voices

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