The Voter’s Pledge

The Voter’s Pledge

 1.  No Finger Pointing. We pledge to support candidates who talk much more frequently about their own ideas than what is wrong with others. That goes double for attack ads. We encourage candidates and incumbents to say no to campaign support that is focused on attacking their political opponents….we’re all in this together.


 2. Stop the Partisan War. The United States faces challenges that have many more shades of gray than black and white. We pledge to support candidates who look beyond simplistic labels: Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative and demonstrate by doing what they were sent to Washington to do: collaborate, compromise and reach consensus.



 3. Say No to Obstructionist Politics. We pledge to pressure representatives who thwart the will of the people through backroom politics to stop. If they don’t we will look for new representatives who will not engage in these tactics. We will also encourage politicians to pursue legislation that will close loopholes that clog the political process.



 4. Make Process not Points. We pledge to support representatives or new candidates who are more interested in governing and creating process than scoring political points. This is not a contest nor a game, we are all on the same side here.. Ask yourself this question about your representative or other members of Congress – are they more focused on trying to win reelection than producing policy changes that will move the country forward? If they are out to win at all cost, tell them, and if necessary show them –  the cost is losing.



5. The Voter’s Pledge. It’s on me. I will take it upon myself to learn about the issues facing my district, understand the problems facing other districts and work to elect members of congress who will work together on the challenges we face at both the local and national level.

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